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Bank you own

Combine all your cards in one app and make instant payments and transfers

Open platform

Open platform

Easy registration by phone number

You will get access to e-wallet and you can immediately make payments and transfers. You don`t have to be a Tengri Bank customer to register in the app

Cards of other banks

You can link your bank card to replenish your e-wallet, as well as pay for cellular services, utility and much more

Online bank

Open accounts and deposits online without visiting our branches.

Security of payments and transfers

Transaction security is ensured by Tengri Bank and article 50 «Bank secrecy» of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On banks and banking activities»


Convenient payments

Convenient payments

Pay for goods and services without commission

Commission for all payments - 0%

Over 100 service providers

Pay utility bills, cellular services, fines and budget payments, games, and more

Payment templates

Make payments in one click and receive notifications of new receipts by push notifications

Loans and deposits

Pay off loans and replenish deposits from e-wallet, card of any bank or current accounts


Rapid money transfer

Rapid money transfer

Transfers between your accounts

Transfer money from a deposit to the e-wallet, a current account, to a Tengri card or a card of another bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Transfers to Tengri Bank and Tengri+ customers

Transfer money to Tengri Bank cards and to Tengri+ e-wallets without commission

Card to card transfers

Instant transfers to any VISA or MasterCard payment card issued in the Republic of Kazakhstan

IBAN transfers

To an account of any bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the minimum details



  • What services can I pay for?

With Tengri+, you can pay utility bills, cellular services, fines and budget payments, games and more. The list of service providers is constantly expanding.

  • How can I “link” (add) a bank card in Tengri +?

To link a payment card, you need to select “Add a card” on the main screen and enter its details, then make a payment of at least 500 tenge. It is necessary to ensure the safety and security of your data, as well as to prevent fraud.

  • Can I check the balance on the payment card?

You can check the balance of only Tengri Bank payment cards. Please note that the balance of money on the payment card may not be relevant at the moment.

  • How to get access to accounts opened in Tengri Bank JSC?

To get access to Tengri Bank accounts and cards, register in Tengri+ using the phone number that you specified when opening an account or card at a Bank branch. Then type your IIN by clicking on the "pass identification" button.

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