Notice to customers

Dear Customers of "Tengri Bank" JSC,

You hereby informed that from January 01, 2020, Resolution of National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.231 dated November 29, 2019 "On approval of the Rules of cash transactions and operations on collection of banknotes, coins and valuables in the second-tier banks, branches of non-resident banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan, National Postal Operator and legal entities whose exclusive activity is collection of banknotes, coins and valuables" comes into legal force. In accordance with clause 29 of the above-mentioned Rules, cash withdrawal in favor of customer – legal entity shall be performed upon application of cash receipt, provided by customer – legal entity not later than one business day since cash withdrawalг in the manner, provided by internal documents of the bank.

Having regard to the above, starting from January, 2020, You are kindly asked, in order to withdraw cash in tenge and foreign currency, to provide application for cash withdrawal, not later than one business day before their withdrawal.

From January 01, 2020, the Bank may provide cash to legal entities without preliminary application.


Dear customers of JSC "Tengri Bank",

We hereby notify You about implementation of the mechanism of transfer by the Bank promptly (within 15 minutes from the moment of payment initiation) the information on payments to the budget to the information systems of state bodies via the "e-government" payment gateway in accordance with the legislative requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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