"Tengri Business Light"

Amount at maturity
6.2% AERR
for 36 months
Amount of deposit +%
Amount of deposit withdrawal
36 months
Term of deposit
6,2% in tenge, 1,5% in US dollars
Effective annual rate
Deposit options  General conditions
Currency of the deposit Tenge and US dollars

36 months

Minimum deposit amount

  • 1 000 tenge or 10 US dollars

Maximum deposit amount

  • 2 000 000 000 tenge or 5 000 000 US dollars 

Minimum required balance

  • 1 000 tenge or 10 US dollars

Refund methods of remuneration

Payment of remuneration for deposit use is provided by transferring to:1) saving account, increasing amount of deposit (capitalization of interest); or 2) current account of depositor, opened in the Bank or other second-tier Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Remuneration frequency

By depositor choice:
- monthly
- quarterly
- semi-annually
- annually
- at the end of maturity

Cash deposited

Additional non-cash contributions are allowed to the Account. Amount, quantity, additional contribution frequency are not limited. Therein, additional contributions are accepted by the Bank not later 30 calendar days before expiration of deposit term.

Partial withdrawal

Provided, in the terms of saving of minimum required balance

Extension by decision of Authorized body of the Bank.

Interest rate (per annum) in early termination, depending on actual deposit term:  

Type of currency

less than 30 calendar days

At maturity of 30 calendar days till 12 months  

More than 12 months in terms of deposit term – 24 months and more
Tenge 0,00% 0,10% Rate by Bank Deposit
US dollars 0,00% 0,05% Rate by Bank Deposit


 * In the frame of this product on deposits of individual entrepreneur, private notary, private court bailiff, lawyer-resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan, professional mediator, interest rates are applied on the day of deposit opening but not exceeding the rates recommended by Kazakhstan Deposit Insurance Fund.

At Tengri Bank branches
You may replenish a deposit in any brunch of JSC “Tengri Bank”. For this purpose, please, visit a bank branch in your city and present an ID.
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In the offices of Kazpost
You may replenish a deposit in any brunch of JSC “Kazpost”. For this purpose, please, visit any branch of Kazpost in your city, present an ID and account number. Your payment will be credited to bank requisites on the following operational day.
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By application Tengri +
You can replenish deposit in application Tengri +. In this regard, You need to register in application and in the section “My finances” go through identification (through tab “Accounts display”). Then, your cards will be displayed automatically, available accounts and deposit as well, that You can replenish at any time online.
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Make an application
Make an application
Make an application
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