On the following payments to creditor of the 2nd queue of the register of creditors’ claims of the Bank

On September 03, 2021, the Liquidation Commission of “Tengri Bank” JSC (hereinafter referred to as the Bank) has performed the following payment to the creditor of the second queue of the register of creditors' claims of the Bank to “KDIF” JSC in the amount of 250 000 000 (two hundred fifty million) tenge, in accordance with the approved interim liquidation balance sheet and the register of creditors 'claims of the Bank.

As of 03.09.2021, settlements were performed with creditors of:

  • 1st queue (salaries to employees) in the amount of 7 393 970, 26 tenge (100%);
  • 2nd queue (“KDIF” JSC) in the amount 15 035 167 260,87 tenge (84,68%).
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