Court decision on the liquidation of JSC "Tengri Bank" 15.02.2021

Court decision on the liquidation of JSC "Tengri Bank"

On 15.02.2021, the decision of the Specialized Inter-District Economic Court of Almaty dated 05.11.2020 on the forced termination of activities (liquidation) of JSC Tengri Bank (hereinafter referred to as the Bank) has entered into legal force.

By order of the Chairman of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market (hereinafter - the Agency) No53 dated February 15, 2021, a liquidation commission was appointed to manage the property and affairs of the Bank during the liquidation procedure.

The claims of the Bank's creditors are accepted in the name of the Chairman of the Liquidation Commission Ogai O.D. on business days from 09.00 to 18.00 within 60 calendar days from the date of publication in the official printed publications of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Russian and Kazakh languages of information on the forced termination (liquidation) of the Bank.

Thus, the liquidation commission of the Bank accepted claims from 19.02.2021 y. to 19.04.2021 y. inclusive.

On 05.08.2021y., the Agency approved the register of creditors' claims of the Bank.

In addition, we inform you that claims filed after the expiration of the deadline for their presentation and in cases of recognition of claims by the liquidation commission of the Bank will be accounted for on a separate balance sheet account as other accounts payable and satisfied from the property remaining after the satisfaction of creditors' claims filed within the prescribed period.

The addresses of the Bank's divisions:
Name of the Bank's division Address Contact telephone Customer service manager
Main Office

Almaty city,

10A Abaya avenue 

8 (727) 244 92 96          8 (727) 244 93 06

8 (727) 244 93 07 (3051)

 Shabdarbay Bolat




Nur-Sultan city,

18 Gabdullin str., "Е" block,

(intercom - 111)

Tel.: +7 771 996 46 56 Batyrkozhanov Bakhtiyar

Aktau subdivision

Aktau city,

2 microdistrivt, Business center "Orda" building 47 A

Tel.: 8 (729) 220 35 33 (internal numb. - 8809)

Papchuk Irina

Karaganda subdivision

Karaganda city, Kostenko str., building 6, non-residential premises 4

Tel.: 8 (721) 295 67 77 (internal numb. - 4400)

Turlybekova Dinara

Pavlodar subdivision

Pavlodar city,

119 Astana str., 

Tel.: 8 (718) 232 38 41 Temirkhanova Gulnara
Shymkent Branch

Shymkent city,

25/1 B. Momushuly avenue

Tel.: 8 (725) 233 92 21 (internal numb. - 4813) Ramazan Perizat

Dear customers of JSC "Tengri Bank"! We inform you about the closure of branches in the cities of Taraz Pavlodar, Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Karaganda, Kaskelen, Aktau and Kokshetau. Customers of the Bank's subdivision in Taraz are kindly requested to contact the branch in Shymkent,  customers of the Bank's subdivision in Kokshetau to contact the subdivision in Nur-Sultan, as well as customers of the Bank's subdivision in Almaty to contact Main office at the above phone numbers and addresses.


Creditors' claims shall contain (the claim template is attached):

- full name of the creditor;

- BIN (for legal entities), IIN (for individuals and individual entrepreneurs) of the creditor;

- postal details of the creditor, contact numbers;

- information on the amount of the principal, remuneration, forfeit and other penalties with the attachment of documents confirming the grounds and amount of the claim;

On presentation of the claim, the creditor shall submit:

-for individuals - identity card, when representing their interests by other persons - a notarized copy of the power of attorney;

-for legal entities - a notarized copy of the power of attorney, court decisions that have entered into legal force, copies of contracts and other documents.    

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